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Not many homeowners give thought to their driveways unless something happens such as finding it tough to drive out of their garages due to snow, puddles of water or pot holes. Driveways are critical external features of modern homes that serve more than the traditional functional and aesthetic purposes. Here is a look at the undeniable merits of a great driveway that you ought to consider.
  • A great driveway makes a memorable first impression of your property since it is a noticeable feature to any approaching person. The state of your driveway is indicative of the things to expect once someone gets into the house because it sets the standards for the entire home.
  • It increases the value of the property, and that is the chief reason for the high number of driveway installations in homes that are just about to be sold.
  • A professional driveway installation makes the surface safe for activities like playing, walking and driving.
  • The design of your driveway can make your property unique, and that makes it the envy of the neighbourhood. If there are several homes for sale on a particular street, the one with an outstanding driveway will sell first and at a desirable price.
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A professional builder should carry out the driveway installation as highlighted by the pros and cons discussed next.


  • Regulations- it is a requirement in the UK for new driveways to comply with legislation such as the SuDS that relates to sustainable drainage. A professional understands such specifications and will make certain that your driveway is compliant.
  • Time- An expert will complete the installation in a short time because of the use of specialised tools, skills and employees.
  • Durability- Due to the traffic that a driveway has to endure in its lifetime, its construction has to be tough for it to serve you for an extended period.
  • Peace of mind- It is easy for a couple of things to go wrong in a DIY project, resulting in unplanned costs and other undesirable results. It is also tough to plan the activities of such a large project without worrying that something will go amiss. Professional involvement will give you peace of mind at all times.


  • It is accurate to assume that a DIY driveway project will cost you less than one where expert help is sought. However, such savings are only realised for a short period because of the constant need for repairs and the fact that, over time, you may be required to replace the entire surface.
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