Patio Replacements

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Patio Replacements

Patios offer a platform for family gatherings, BBQs and much more, they can really bring a garden to life and provide a nice space for the family and social gatherings. However, after a number of years, patios get dirty, slabs get cracked and need replacing.

A brand new patio can really be the envy of your neighbours and something that is without doubt, worth investing in. However, there is clearly a lot of different considerations to think through when deciding on a patio. As a customer, the aim is to drive down quality, hassle and cost and with so many horror stories about cowboy builders, people can be put off by using other people and instead choose to do it their selves.

However, the quality of a trusted builder is unrivalled and the pros and cons will now be discussed:

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  • Time – A professional will undoubtedly get the job done finished, it is understandable that a DIY approach will take a lot longer because of the busy life styles that you may have, with jobs, hobbies etc.
  • Quality – Enlisting the services of a trusted builder, with years of experience means that a professional and quality job will be done on the patio, by somebody that has delivered a quality patio time and time again in the past.
  • Stress – A professional will take away the stress that comes with undertaking such a large DIY project yourself and will give the peace of mind you need, without having to worry if you have done things correctly.
  • Regulations – There are a few regulations that may be needed to abide by in undertaking some large patio projects that the average homeowner will be unaware of. A professional service will take care of everything for you whilst you sit back and relax.
  • Longevity – As discussed, eventually all patios will need to be replaced and a professional job will definitely last longer due to the higher quality.


  • Cost – There is no doubt that doing things yourself can potentially mean things are a lot cheaper during the construction process, however, there is still a question as to whether in the long run, this could work out more expensive, as a replacement may be needed much sooner.
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